The Charm Offensive were formed in late 2013 when Stiv Baldwin called upon old friends Andy Crooks and Sam Webb with the idea of a band performing Pop songs in a Rock style. After a few sessions in the rehearsal room the band was starting to come together nicely, but with Stiv filling in initially, a higher standard of lead vocalist was always needed to complete the line up.

Adam Davison completed the line up shortly thereafter, coming in with a good reputation as a solo artist in the local area as well as adding a second guitar fill out the sound.

By the end of the year The Charm Offensive were up and running, debuting at The Bay Horse in Cherry Burton to a rousing response. 2014 saw the band performing regularly on the local scene including slots at Fake Festival, Kingswoodstock and Cherry Burton Village Hall. This was also the year that saw the band break into the wedding scene, again to pleasure of the customers.

In the summer of 2015 The Charm Offensive underwent a change. Sam, having married early that year decided to call time on his musical venture to focus more on family life.

The decision on who to bring in to replace Sam couldn’t have been more simple. Tomsie Aitken had previously stood in for Sam on a couple of occasions and was more than happy to take up the role of bassist permanently following Sams departure.

The transition period went better than planned with Tomsie already knowing most of the set list from previous shows and adding a third vocal to the sound. Along with his design of this very website, Tomsies technical knowledge and experience has proved invaluable, as The Charm Offensive began adding new material to the set and fine tuned the business aspect of the band.

The Charm Offensive are now running at full speed, taking bookings all year round and never failing to entertain….



Adam Davison

Lead vocalist and guitarist, Adam is the youngest member of the band but also the most enthusiastic when it comes to bettering himself as a singer and guitarist.



Stiv Baldwin

Guitarist and occasional lead singer, Stiv is quite good at thinking outside the box. Probably because there isnt a big enough box to contain him.



Andy Crooks

Drummer and all round nice chap, Andy is the heartbeat behind the band knowing just what beat to put in each song. Andy also manages the bands finances.


Tom Aitken

Bass player and vocalist, Tomsie is the oldest member of the band and often the most entertaining, breaking the stereotype of the dull bass player at the back of the stage.